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    來源:http://www.ranwear.com/ 日期:2023-08-07

    一、煙霧報警器按信息傳輸方式不同,從探測器到主機之間可分為有線和無線2種有線的大多為聯網式,需要外接電源,但可以跟其他的系統聯動,比如噴水、報警等,一旦發生意外可以 馬上聯動處理,大多用在商超、寫字樓等地方。
    1、 Smoke alarms can be divided into two types based on information transmission methods: wired and wireless, from the detector to the host. Most wired alarms are networked and require an external power supply, but can be linked with other systems, such as sprinkler and alarm systems. Once an accident occurs, they can be immediately linked and processed, and are mostly used in supermarkets, office buildings, and other places.
    而無線的則為獨立式,主要使用電池,相比有線來說,安裝更方便,不需要額外找電源插口,但需要定期 更換電池。目前一些智能煙霧報警器,增加了WIFI模塊,即使是獨立式也可以與同網絡環境下的其他報警產 品聯動。從安裝角度來看,獨立型大多為直接粘貼式,通過膠直接粘貼在天花板上即可。
    The wireless version is independent and mainly uses batteries. Compared to wired versions, it is more convenient to install and does not require additional power sockets, but requires regular battery replacement. At present, some intelligent smoke alarms have added WIFI modules, which can even be independent and linked with other alarm products in the same network environment. From an installation perspective, most independent models are directly attached, which can be directly attached to the ceiling through adhesive.
    2、 Smoke alarms can be divided into
    Ionic smoke alarm
    離子煙霧報警器有一個電離室,離子室所用放射元素一一鋸241 (Am241),強度約0.8微居里左右,正 常狀態下處于電場的平衡狀態,當有煙塵進入電離室會破壞這種平衡關系,報警電路檢測到濃度超過設定的閾 值發出報警。
    The ion smoke alarm has an ionization chamber, where the radioactive elements used in the ionization chamber are sawn 241 (Am241), with an intensity of about 0.8 microcuries. Under normal conditions, it is in an equilibrium state of the electric field. When smoke enters the ionization chamber, it will disrupt this equilibrium relationship. The alarm circuit detects that the concentration exceeds the set threshold and sends an alarm.
    它是在電離室內含有少量放射性物質,可使電離室內空氣成為導體,允許定電流在兩個電極之間的空氣中 通過,射線使局部空氣成電離狀態,經電壓作用形成離子流,這就給電離室一個有效的導電性。當煙粒子 進入電離化區域時,它們由于與離子相接合而降低了空氣的導電性,形成離子移動的減弱。當導電性低于預定 值時,探測器發出警報。
    It contains a small amount of radioactive material in the ionization chamber, which can make the air inside the ionization chamber a conductor, allowing a constant current to pass through the air between two electrodes. The radiation ionizes the local air and forms an ion current through the action of voltage, providing an effective conductivity to the ionization chamber. When smoke particles enter the ionized region, they reduce the conductivity of the air due to their binding with ions, resulting in a weakening of ion movement. When the conductivity falls below the predetermined value, the detector emits an alarm.
    Photoelectric smoke alarm
    光電煙霧報警器內有一個光學迷宮,安裝有紅外對管,無煙時紅外接收管收不到紅外發射管發出的紅外 光,當煙塵進入光學迷宮時,通過折射、反射,接收管接收到紅外光,智能報警電路判斷是否超過閾值,如果 超過發出警報
    There is an optical maze inside the photoelectric smoke alarm, which is equipped with an infrared tube. When there is no smoke, the infrared receiving tube cannot receive the infrared light emitted by the infrared transmitting tube. When smoke enters the optical maze, the receiving tube receives infrared light through refraction and reflection. The intelligent alarm circuit determines whether the threshold is exceeded, and if it exceeds the threshold, an alarm will be issued
    它是利用起火時產生的煙霧能夠改變光的傳播特性這一基本性質而研制的。根據煙粒子對光線的吸收和散 射作用。光電感煙探測器又分為遮光型和散光型兩種。
    It is developed based on the fundamental property that the smoke generated during a fire can change the propagation characteristics of light. Based on the absorption and scattering of light by smoke particles. Photoelectric smoke detectors are divided into two types: blackout type and astigmatic type.
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